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The Best Ways To Heat Up Your Home

Heat Up Your Home

How To Keep Your Home Warm

Summer feels like winter. Winter feels like…well winter. We all know that in the UK the weather is never what it is meant to be. Whether that is because of the drastic changes in global warming or the government controlling the weather. The fact remains there’s nothing much we can do to prevent it.

But fear not throughout this article we will be sharing many ways that you can keep your home warm, no matter the weather outside. Whether you know it or not over 70% of household energy consumption is a result of heating up homes. So how can you keep your home warm without spending a fortune.


The 10 Tips

The following tips will help you keep your house warm and not only that but your energy bills a minimal. So here are a few ways in which you can keep your little piggies warm whilst not breaking your bank. What if I told you, you can get heat for free? Where do I sign up? You’ll be surprised of what you find out after reading this.


Close Curtains

Did you know curtains can be utilised to warm up your home? On warmer days when the sun is out, opening the curtains can let the sunlight in and warm up your home.

This piece of decor can also be used as a layer of insulation at night, creating somewhat of a barrier of air.

Lay Down a Rug

Staying on topic of keeping your little piggies warm, the first solution to we’re going to let you in on is simply rolling out a rug. Have you ever stepped on wooden floor and felt a huge chill? Although wooden floors add a vintage feel to your home, adding a rug on top of it can cover up the gaps, reducing the heat loss from under your feet.

And besides, a nice rug can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Improve your Insulation

Now, let’s think bigger. An understated method of keeping your home warm is by reducing air leakage within your property. This can be easily done by upgrading your insulation to a more conventional method. Spray foam for instance expands covering all areas where potential leakage could take place.

This method is one of the more pricier options, however, has the greatest impact on your home. In the long-term can help save you up to thousands on energy bills. It is always best to pick the best insulation company, as it makes that much difference in the quality of the insulation.

Reflect Radiator Heat

What do you use foil for? Wrapping a sandwich? A Sunday roast? Well, when it come to DIY projects, aluminium foil can be used to heat up your home. Simply wrap a sheet of card in foil and slide it behind a radiator. Sounds bizarre but hear me out. This arts and craft lesson can reflect heat away from the wall back into the room. Potentially heating up the room faster.

But if you’re not feeling crafty, you could always buy a ready made radiator panel. It is cheap and easy to use.

spray foam
save money

Bleeding Radiator

To ensure a radiator is working at full-efficiency you will need to bleed your radiator. This may sound a little odd to some, but it just means releasing trapped air within the radiator. This air prevents the water inside from reaching the top of the radiator causing you lose out on potential heat.

Using a radiator key you can easily amend this yourself. Twist the radiator valve with the key. Don’t worry. If you start to hear hissing it isn’t a snake, it is the trapped air rushing out. As soon as you see a drip of water locked the valve back. All done.

Move Sofa

Although locating your sofa in front of the radiator may feel cosy when watching the latest episode of Downturn Abbey. But in actual fact a lot of the heat is being absorbed by the sofa.

Moving your sofa away from the radiator allows heat to circulate the room effectively, therefore heating your home up.

Pipe Insulation

Upgrade Boiler

I know, I know. Every gas company has been trying to sell you a boiler. But the truth is a newer boiler will work much more effectively than an older one. If your boiler is more than 10 years old, it might be time to consider upgrading.

Here’s the good thing, if you get a new boiler you could be given a grant by the government in return. Who wouldn’t want to get money for keeping your house warm?

Insulate Pipes

Insulating your hot water pipes with foam tubes allows the water to remain hotter for longer, as it prevents the pipes from getting cold. This is also beneficial for heating your home. Making it more energy efficient.

A job like this takes no time and requires no heavy duty tools. Another simple way to save you money whilst increasing the warmth of your home.


Use Your Oven

Here’s an odd one for you. Use your oven to heat up your home. When you take your pie out the oven you usually close the door, right? Well, how about leaving the door open. The remaining hot air inside the oven would be able to circulate the room and warm it up using no extra energy. This allows you to reuse the heat up your kitchen while you eat.

But do ensure you don’t accidentally walk into it. Nor have a children fall in. I doubt they will taste nice.

Prevent Air Leakage

There are some D.I.Y methods you can use in order to prevent heat loss in your home. One of which is preventing air leakage by using insulation tape or door sweeps. Sealing windows and doors with insulation tape and a door sweep can have a noticeable impact on your energy bills.

This neat trick can make you look like a Super inexpensive and energy saving.

open oven door
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