Spray Foam Insulation Cost Calculator UK

Cost of insulation

When it comes to choosing the right insulation for your home, you want to find the option that’s not only the most effective at keeping the climate controlled and reducing those energy bills over time.

But also the option that’s most cost-effective during the installation process, too.

As of late, spray foam insulation has been growing in favour, chosen by more homeowners than ever before. It’s fast replacing fibreglass as the most commonly chosen option.

However, though spray foam insulation is the most superior form of insulation on the market today, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your installation.

For this reason, you need a spray foam insulation cost calculator for UK homes.

How much can you expect to pay for spray foam insulation? How much can you save by looking at different providers and different factors? and how much are you going to save year on year by installing it?

Here, we’re going to look a little closer at the information that can help you know exactly how much you stand to spend and save…

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Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation?

Before getting into the costs spray foam insulation, let’s remind ourselves of what’s most important: why you’re considering it in the first place. Here, we’re going to offer a quick reminder of the benefits:

  • It improves the thermal efficiency of the home, improving comfort and decreasing the costs of energy bills.
  • Seals the home by filling cracks, holes and cavities in walls. Not only does this prevent heat loss and gain, but can also stop pests from getting in.
  • Insulation also offers some soundproofing benefits, keeping the sounds of traffic and the neighbourhood from disrupting the home at night.
  • Spray foams also helps to control moisture levels in the home. Since cool air isn’t allowed in the home more easily, it can’t bring in the moisture that causes issues like damp and mould, too.
  • The resale value of your home could even get a boost. Energy efficiency has quickly become a key selling point for homebuyers, so insulation is an investment in the home that might pay off when it comes time to sell.

Quality over  Quantity  price

Consumers are being lured in by these companies offering cheap insulation alternatives. But what companies forget to mention is the quality of the insulation they are selling.

There has been continuous talk about the quality of insulation such as fibreglass, mineral wool and cellulose being inefficient and ineffective. However, strangely enough, these warnings are overlooked due to the ‘bargain’ you are getting.


Spray foam insulation calculator

Unfortunately, what these companies forget to mention to you prior your purchase is that every several years you will need to replace this insulation.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather buy good quality once than having to spend money every several years replacing it. This eventually accumulates, costing you more in the long term.  This can become a burden.

Poorly insulated homes also can cause you to lose a drastic 50% of heat and that’s just through your roof. This can affect your energy consumption, causing your energy bills to rise through the roof.

Literally! This then means your home has a low EPC value, potentially causing your home to lose out on its potential market value.

What to consider when looking at spray foam insulation prices?

Nailing down the price of a spray foam insulation installation is never easy. Two customers going to the same provider are rarely going to get the same price.

Simply because a lot of different factors contribute to the overall costs.

For that reason, we’re able to help you compare spray foam insulation installers and find quotes specific to your circumstances and the factors affecting them.

Some of the factors that affect the price include:

  • How much spray foam is needed
  • The specific products chosen
  • Which areas need to be sprayed, including size and accessibility
  • How much labour goes along with the installation
  • The overall size of the building and more

Simply put, the more additional factors that have to be considered alongside the installation process itself, the more you can expect the prices to go up.

On average, spray foam with a 40mm thickness application has a base cost of around £27 per square meter.

However, that’s not considering any of the above factors, or whether or not you might need a thicker or thinner layer to help effectively insulate your foam.

Type of insulation

There are two main kinds of spray foam insulation. The first is open cell, which is the most common choice, a breathable material that can expand and fill a wide variety of spaces.

Closed cell spray foam insulation is primarily used in buildings and vehicles with a metal frame structure.

Your choice of open cell or closed cell can greatly affect the costs, too, so make sure you’re aware of which is right for you.

We’ve started to look at some of the factors that are going to affect the true cost of insulation, and our spray foam insulation cost calculator UK can help you look at different installers and get an even more accurate assessment.

However, you also need to be aware of how much you stand to lose without insulation.

Saving money with spray foam insulation

Cost-effectiveness isn’t just determined by the costs of installation. The spray foam insulation cost calculator UK can also help you understand how much money you stand to save in the long-run, too.

The average uninsulated or under-insulated loses up to 40% of all its heat in the winter. This is heat that is being replenished by your heating systems, eating up oil as it does so.

As such, you could be spending 40% more on your heating bills than you have to. The costs aren’t just in heating bills, either.

The more you have to keep your heating on, the more wear and tear is caused to them over time, meaning you might have to fork out for replacements and repairs sooner than you otherwise need to.

You can forget about the comfort factor of a warm home in winter or cool home in summer. This factor might not have any monetary value, but it’s worth a lot too us all.

Spray foam insulation helps you save money on a monthly and an annual basis.

On average, a homeowner can save over £40 a month.

That’s money that can go towards bills, saving for the holidays, or simply enjoying an extra family night to the cinema once a month.

Take into account that spray foam insulation can last up to two decades before it needs to be replaced, and it’s not hard to see that the investment will pay itself off several times over before it’s time to install new insulation.

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