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Spray Foam vs Rockwool Insulation

Are you sick and tired of trying to find out the best insulation product for you?  Imagine this and put your mind at ease you’ve found the page which is here to help you. You’ll know all about Spray Foam and Rockwool Insulation by the end of this don’t you worry.

You drown in high priced energy bills and don’t know what to do. Spray foam insulation will reduce your heating bills dramatically because it fills all the gaps and cracks unlike the traditional insulation product Fibreglass or Celotex where air could escape making it a very good insulation product this will help you start saving immediately.

The top of the list: Spray Foam or Rockwool

What is Spray Foam Insulation?


Unlike Rockwool being a solid, spray foam open and closed cell insulation is a liquid based insulation product which can expand up to 100x its original size once applied. It is the new insulation product taking the market by storm. It’s becoming a common insulation product on the market and is going into lots of family homes and company buildings. Spray Foam Insulation is applied by a installer using a spray gun, they will then apply it to the chosen area’s making it insulate your property straight away. Depending on the size and the project it will roughly take up to a day.

What is Rockwool Insulation?


Check this out: Rockwool Insulation is an alternative insulation which is made from stone wool and has a very good thermal value. Rockwool insulation is made from natural and sustainable resources and contains up to 75% recycled resources. Rockwool insulation can be installed in walls, floors, ceilings, attics and crawlspaces. This insulation has the similarities of Fibregass, Celotex etc. Rockwool is very easy to apply its cut with a knife or saw making it easy to use then it’s applied snuggly to the area which you want to apply it to.

Pros and cons to insulation

High thermal value

Easy to apply

Saves money

Disadvantages to Rockwool

Disadvantages to Spray Foam